Since its foundation, Kagurazaka Gojuban has never forgotten its commitment to preserving traditional skills handed down from previous generations.

Working diligently, our master chefs hand-wrap each Chinese steamed bun tightly to lock in the meat’s overflowing juices, for a delicious flavor in every bite.
Try one and taste the goodness for yourself.

These Chinese steamed buns and dim sum treats are prepared by hand using traditional methods,
and are made of Japan-raised pork and other carefully selected ingredients.
Free of preservatives and additives,
these delicacies in the best Edo Chinese culinary tradition can be served with confidence and pride.

A delight for your dinner table,
or the perfect souvenir or gift choice

In addition to our popular Nikuman, we offer a variety of tasty treats,
from Chinese steamed bun variations
to dim sum favorites such as shumai and gyoza.
We offer a wide array of flavors and delicacies of the highest quality and food safety.