The ISP Store is located in Ikebukuro Shopping Park, a shopping mall that links directly with Ikebukuro Station. About 80 stores line the North and South Buildings of this mall, offering a variety of wares ranging from foodstuffs to apparel and sundries.
To find this store, proceed straight into the South Building from the Metro subway exit, then you will see Kagurazaka Gojuban’s familiar yellow logo.
In a slight variation from the look of other Kagurazaka Gojuban outlets, the natural wood highlights of the ISP Store give its interior design a retro ambiance.
In addition to chilled products sold for takeaway or as gift items, we also sell Nikuman prepared fresh before your eyes, adding a dollop of fun to the shopping experience.
We warmly welcome you to Ikebukuro Shopping Park (ISP) Store, for a day of tasty shopping you will never forget.