Shinjuku Station is the busiest train terminal in the world by passenger numbers. It is served by the train lines of the JR East Japan Railway Company, Keio Railway, Odakyu Electric Railway, and the Tokyo Metro and Toei subway systems. Kagurazaka Gojuban’s Shinjuku Odakyu Ace Store is located in the North Building of Odakyu Ace, an underground shopping mall that connects directly to the west exit of Shinjuku Station.
The Shinjuku Odakyu Ace Store opened its doors on June 30, 2016. To emphasize its character as a store that takes pride in the quality of its ingredients, the store’s interior adopts a “natural modern” design, with natural wood elements setting a mellow tone.
In addition to chilled products sold for takeaway or as gift items, we also sell Nikuman prepared fresh before your eyes, adding a dollop of fun to the shopping experience.
We warmly welcome you to Shinjuku Odakyu Ace Store, for a day of tasty shopping you will never forget.